Aaon Switches

High- and low-pressure HVAC switches with adjustable pressure are sold cheaply at HVAC parts direct.

HVAC switches are used for systems control and refrigeration equipment. The low-pressure HVAC switches are used for controlling the compressor options and can act for controlling the pressure limit. The high-pressure switches monitor the high pressure from the compressor and stop the compressor in the event of excessively high pressure. The AAON HVAC switches are made from durable and high-quality material and come in a variety of designs and shapes for a variety of applications.

The low-pressure switches are compact and portable and have a pressure limit of 60 PSI while the high-pressure switches can manage up to 650 PSI. You can choose from a range of 30 different switches from HVAC that are available for as low as $ 20. The HVAC switches from HVAC parts direct are of high quality and comply with UL standards and are 100% original AAON products.

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