Aaon Phase Monitors

24 V AC power handling AAON Phase monitor for Sale
Mega Sale on 1 or 3 phase AAON voltage monitor
Phase monitor is a device which secures electric motors from phase loss, phase reversal, overvoltage, under voltage and voltage imbalance thus cutting power to a motor when a fault occurs. HVAC parts direct offers AAON phase monitors at the best-selling price all over United States.
AAON phase monitors are both AC and DC voltage monitors which tend to protect three-phase loads from damage due to phase problems. HVAC parts direct supplies these phase monitors at a minimum price of $245.These are specifically designed for rugged defense and industrial applications with a manual reset.
AAON phase monitors possess the capability of allowing a minimum input voltage of 200V and maximum input voltage of 600V. At HVAC parts direct the available AAON phase monitors meet the specifications of being CSA certified and UL listed.
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