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A Transformer is a static electrical device which transfers AC electrical power from one circuit to the other circuit at a constant frequency by altering voltage levels according to the requirement. HVAC parts direct is an online platform that supplies commercial HVAC products from world leading brands such as AAON across the US.

AAON supplies their transformers at the best online rates as low as $ 99. The AAON transformers provided are UL listed and recognized and well reputed for customer satisfaction. The primary voltage of AAON transformers have a voltage range between 208-480V, whereas the output voltage varies between 24V and 120V. The highest load rating available for AAON transformers is 150 VA.

HVAC parts direct assists in supplying a variety of heat ventilation and air conditioning equipment for comfortable and healthy environment other than AAON transformers. For a thorough idea about the variety they offer and order placement, visit their website