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5 to 12.5 microfarads AAON Run Capacitor for Sale

Capacitor is an electrical component that can store energy in an electrical charge, thereby producing a static voltage. It holds positive and negative energy on two separate plates close to each other separated by an insulator. At HVAC direct parts, you can get reliable capacitors from different and prominent and world-leading brands such as AAON. 

The AAON capacitors are Run Capacitors, designed for continuous operation in high-temperature applications. These capacitors are tested for high safety and performance standards. Possessing the ability to continuously adjust current or phase shift to a motor's windings, AAON capacitors productively optimize the motor's torque and efficiency performance. Therefore HVAC direct parts grants you the facility to acquire AAON capacitors, infused with sophisticated technology, for performing various tasks, ideal for air-conditioning motors and industrial equipment motors.

HVAC direct parts supply these capacitors at reasonable rates ranging from $7 to $9. The capacitance of AAON capacitors ranges from 5 to 12.5 microfarads, with the peak voltage bearing capacity being up to 370 V AC. AAON capacitors are manufactured featuring Protected 10,000 AFC and can work with frequency of as high as 50-60 Hz. HVAC direct parts provide the ISO 9001 certified product.