Aaon Blower Wheels

High Speed mechanically supportive AAON Combustion Blower Wheels for Sale

A blower wheel is a component of the blower motor which moves large volumes of air through the duct system.  If blower wheels serve as the key component to any air conditioning or heating unit. HVAC direct parts supplies combustion blower wheels from prominent and world leading brands such as AAON for use in commercial, industrial and consumer applications.

The AAON combustion blower wheels are backward curved or backward inclined designed for general ventilation and forced air applications. These combustion blower wheels enable forced cooling at higher pressures and work for dust collection systems. The constituent component of AAON combustion blower wheels is either steel, Aluminum, or special alloys with various coatings and finishes for long life and durability. AAON supplies these wheels in sizes ranging from 1" to 36" in diameter.

The blower wheels by HVAC parts direct are priced at $162/piece. The AAON combustion blower wheels weigh 4 lbs. and are alternatively available with a flat blade design providing high efficiency and low noise. They are explosion and corrosion proof and can sustain high temperatures that meet all the standard technical requirements.

HVAC parts direct also offers a wide array of heat ventilation and air conditioning equipment other than AAON Combustion Blower Wheels at reasonable prices. For a thorough idea about the variety they offer and order placement, visit