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A relay is only a switch. The motivation behind any switch is to turn something on and off. A relay turns HVAC gear on or off. It's that simple.
HVAC relay supplier in the USA provides additionally a switch that turns HVAC hardware on and off. So, for what reason would we trouble to add a relay to a system when we as of now have an indoor regulator? A relay gets us around the prerequisite that each device in an electrical circuit must be a similar voltage. An indoor regulator is normally low voltage, 24V. The HVAC hardware that the indoor regulator controls is line voltage. Since there are various voltages, the indoor regulator and the gear can't be in a similar circuit. Maybe they communicate in two unique dialects. Shop relays for HVAC systems which is the interpreter between the two. It tends to be in both a 24V circuit and a line voltage circuit.

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HVAC relay supplier in USA can have more than one voltage experiencing it because there is no electrical association between the parts of a relay. A 24V indoor regulator circuit sends power to the relay coil. That coil changes the 24V into attraction. Inside the relay, that attraction flips the changes to turn line voltage HVAC gear on and off. Shop relays for HVAC systems which ordinarily has various switches. Every one of them turn on and off when the attraction from the coil switches them. However, the lone ones that do anything are the ones that you wire into another circuit. The others resemble a wall switch lying on a table. Flip it however much you need, yet nothing occurs until you wire it up.