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AAON Spark Electrodes flame sensor and ignitor on sale from $ 40 - $ 55

Spark electrodes are spark plugs which are placed directly in the path of low-pressure gas flowing through the pilot light jet. The spark electrode produces spark continuously and generally has a rate of two to four sparks in a second. AAON spark electrodes and ignitors are made from high quality stainless steel with the ignitor pin made from durable material which is resistant to heat and fire. They are easy attachable components and are suitable wide range of uses.

The HVAC Spark electrodes come in a variety of design for varied purposes and uses. AAON Spark Electrodes come with sensor electrodes as well ignitors and gas flame sensors with multiple spark pins. The spark electrodes come in a variety of thickness varying between 1.50” to 1.75.” At HVAC parts direct we ensure that we offer our customers the best value for the money they pay. Our products comply with all quality standards and are ISO certified.

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