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Spark electrodes and sensors are a fundamental part of the ignition system for gas-fired equipment and guarantee dependable ignition, ideal execution, and extended help life over a broad scope of working conditions with AAON Spark Electrodes supplier. Spark electrodes commonly have a 0.125" ±.03" gap between the high voltage (HV) pole tip and the ground bar or burner.

To work with predictable sparking, the gap ought to be from a sharp edge to a sharp edge. Position this "flash gap" at the ideal area in the burner for solid lighting of the gas. High effectiveness and tweaking condensing appliances might use mesh burners. These frequently use more significant spark gaps and may require uncommon consideration in the system design coming from spark electrodes distributor.

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AAON Spark Electrodes come with sensor electrodes as well ignitors and gas flame sensors with multiple spark pins. They are key factors in choosing the appropriate electrodes. Depend on HVAC Parts Direct's experience to give the full scope of gas ignition controls and adornments for your gas-fired gear application. The impact of the electrodes on the early sign of the ionization sensors has been concentrated tentatively and with a model for the sensor from the spark electrodes distributor.

Experiments in a consistent volume ignition chamber with a conventional electrode configuration permitted research on electrode contact and the primary way of the flow. A structure for a model allowing the consideration of electrode measures is presented, and the first execution of this model is introduced. The outcomes from the reenactments are in good subjective concurrence with the exploratory perceptions. AAON Spark Electrodes supplier comes with the idea that electrode cycles can restrict the current during early combustion and that the electrodes' geometry, particularly the cathode, administer the trademark state of the principal current pinnacle.