Aaon Contactors

How Contactor Make Your Unit Run Accurately

In an HVAC system, the "contactors" are the components that are best for controlling the flow of electricity from one part to another. The contactor helps in sending a voltage into either the heat pump compressor or even to the air conditioning condenser to alarm the system how to operate and what kind of temperature should be output. Aaon contactors manufacturers have a range of contactors to choose from to help you improve your home heating and cooling experience.
Aaon contactors manufacturer is a hard-core encased replacement for each of the two shaft contactors evaluated at 40 Amps or less, which have 24-volt coils. Aaon contactors supplier is appraised at 40 Amps and has a 24 Volt loop. This contactor has a hefty drag terminal and four male speedy associate ¼" terminals on each line voltage association that give the most excellent wiring adaptability. The two terminals for the low voltage curl each has twofold ¼" male speedy associates.

How Does It Work?

The contact tool is encased to keep out insects and flotsam and jetsam; however, the apparent unclogger gives a positive check that the contacts are pulled in. The coil is embodied with no uncovered tape wrapping. The mounting base estimates 2-5/16" X 2" with four oval mounting openings 1-5/8" x 1-5/8" on focus.
There are additionally four spaces in the base to give many mounting alternatives. This part replaces most private two post contactors. This part is covered by the selective Aaon contactors supplier's term restricted substitution strategy.
If this part fizzles inside a long time from the date of procurement, return the defective part and duplicate the first receipt to the spot of procurement for substitution. Contact the approved Aaon contactors manufacturer that you bought the part from for subtleties. Unique hardware maker's image name(s) and part numbers are utilized for ID purposes, as it were. This thing meets or surpasses unique gear details.

Features of Contactor

• Enclosed Contacts and Encapsulated 24 Volt Coil.
• Heavy Lug Terminals and Push-Ons for High Voltage Connections.
• Contactor for HVAC, Motor, Heating & Refrigeration- Replaces Carrier.