Aaon Transducers

High- and low-pressure HVAC switches with adjustable pressure are sold cheaply at HVAC parts direct.

A transducer is an input device which converts one form of energy into another form. It is responsible for converting signals from one form of energy into another. Transducers are sensors which respond to the physical changes in the system they are attached to. At HVAC parts direct you get the opportunity to select from the most high-quality transducers made from renowned brands such as AAON. HVAC parts Direct offers you a wide range of input pressure transducers with pressure ranging as high as 600 Psi.

The transducers come in varying size and design which include the compact spinner shaped transducers which are gold plated and start as low as $ 70. Other varieties include digital transducers with pressure probes which are priced at $ 323. If you are looking for a transducer with cable then you ought to go for the R07210 model which can work at pressures as high as 500 Psi and comes with a cable. This model is rated at $ 294.

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