Aaon Condenser Motors

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UL listed and recognized AAON condenser fan motor at HVAC parts direct

A condenser fan motor is an outdoor component of the condensing unit in an HVAC system. Condenser fan motors are installed in air conditioning units to power the fan blades that cool the refrigerant thus producing cool air. HVAC parts direct deals with multiple types of condenser fan motors from world leading brands such as AAON. The condenser fan motors are available in single and 3 phase options. These AAON condenser fan motors are supplied by HVAC parts direct across US at the best prices via online shopping.

AAON condenser fan motors are electronically commutated (EC) motors possessing variety of horsepower ranging from 0.33 to 2 HP and can rotate clockwise and counter clockwise with highest 1750 RPM. They function at an operational voltage range of 200-460 Volts. AAON condenser fan motors play an important role in air conditioning reducing the energy consumption and improving the indoor air quality.

HVAC parts direct supplies AAON condenser fan motors that are UL listed and recognized. They are also tested for quality control and possess CSA and EU certifications. HVAC parts direct provides a one stop shop to retailers by offering diverse AAON products. The online merchandising of HVAC parts direct assists in supplying variety of heat ventilation and air conditioning equipment other than AAON condenser fan motor. For a thorough idea about the variety they offer and order placement, visit their website