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5 Ampere current resistant AAON Controller for Sale

Mega Sale on  AAON Controller

A controller is a device which receives an input signal from a measured process variable, and then compares it with a value of a fixed control point, determining the suitable amount of output signal required by the final control element. At HVAC parts direct you can get genuine and reliable controllers from distinguished and notable brands such as AAON.

AAON provides multipurpose controllers from US based manufacturers Hoffman and Copeland Corporation for HVAC&R purposes. These controllers are either electronic or digital, using electrical signals or digital algorithms to perform their receptive and relative functions. AAON controllers work best for applications where large load changes occur and immediate response changes are required. HVAC parts direct provides these controllers at a price range $119-$294.

These controllers may be used for any nominal voltage between 120 and 277 volts. The frequency range of AAON controllers is at a rate of 50/60 Hz giving maximum 5 Amperes of operative current. HVAC parts direct supply AAON controllers with motor voltage of 230-460V bearing. HVAC parts direct also offers a wide array of heat ventilation and air conditioning equipment other than AAON controllers at reasonable prices. For a thorough idea about the variety they offer and order placement, visit their website