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Filter driers are devices used in an HVAC system that are a combination of filter and drier. The filter is used to remove particles from entering the refrigerant flow control whereas the drier is used to remove the moisture from the refrigerant. At HVAC parts direct Liquid Line filter driers are accessible US wide from well known, top class brands such as AAON at smashing deals with price as low as $ 24.

AAON filter driers are capable of filter out particles ranging from 20 micron and above and operate at a maximum operating pressure of 680 psi. HVAC parts direct provides AAON filter driers that are highly proficient in removing moisture and acid from the liquid refrigerant and work best for CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants. HVAC parts direct also keeps the environment safety their top priority thus the AAON filter driers provided are UL approved with copper sweat connections well suited for outdoor installation.

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