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As a proficient Wholesale HVAC condenser motors distributor in USA, we are represented by the considerable authority in planning and delivering a wide range of motors for room, commercial and central air conditioners. Condenser motors power the fan-cutting edges in air conditioning condensing units that cool the refrigerant in the unit's gathering coil and heat pumps.

They are usually used to replace damaged condenser fan motors in refrigeration and air conditioning gear with savvy HVAC condenser motors prices in USA. They have a high starting torque and energy-efficient performance with a cooler operating temperature. Buy Condenser fan motors online in USA which are fan coil unit motors, motors for split, window air-conditioner, high static pressing factor motors, ceiling air conditioner motors, air cooling motors, single and three-stage motors, sorts of pump motors, PG motor, and DC brushless motors.

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Features Of HVAC Condenser Motors

• Corrosion Resistant Finish.
• Ball Bearings.
• Dynamically Balanced For Quiet Operation.
• Automatic Reset Thermal.
• Shaft 6" long.
• Keyway And Flat Are 90° Apart.
• Re-Connectable Leads In Pulley Endplate.