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Miniature portable temperature and humidity sensors on sale at HVAC Parts Direct. Get the best price on sensors as low as $ 40.

A sensor is a device which takes physical quantity as an input and produces an electrical output. It may also be defined as a device which converts input signals to energy outputs. At HVAC parts direct you can choose from a wide array of sensors which include temperature, as well as humidity sensors. The sensors are made from high quality durable material with stainless steel coating. HVAC sensors are high performance despite their miniature size.

The humidity AAON sensors come with a ceramic coating and are covered in a plastic body which makes it durable and perfect for measuring outside humidity. Other sensors offered by HVAC parts direct from AAON include RH Duct sensors of various thickness varying between 8 to 12” as well as static pressure probe and temperature sensors. You can even get yourself a miniature HVAC thermistor. The sensors offered by HVAC parts direct range between $ 40 to $ 500.

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