How Does An Aaon Unit Work?

How Does An Aaon Unit Work?

Aug 17th 2021

AAON units are designed for execution, adaptability, and workableness. The unbending polyurethane foam insulated cabinet construction and direct drive in reverse bent plenum fans permit the units to have calm, energy-effective airflow with high static pressing factor capacities. The lockable pivoted doors give simple admittance to all segments of the unit for overhauling.

Variable speed scroll compressors likewise give exact regulation capacities. Notwithstanding, they require exceptionally complex controls and the extra expenses of an inverter and electronic extension valve.

Variable Speed Scroll - Precise Control, High Effectiveness (Highest IEER), Premium Cost Scroll - Best Value with High Efficiency (High IEER), Simple Control, Economical Solution compressors give the straightforwardness of the arranged limit control with the high part-load efficiencies of variable limit compressor systems. The utilization of compressors incorporates up to five straightforward phases of limit control, which is palatable limit control for most applications.

Energy Saving Construction

  • Cabinet development comprises two-inch unbending polyurethane froth boards with G90 galvanized steel on the two sides and a shut cell polyurethane foam inside the center. The inward divider ensures protection from dampness harm, forestalls microbial development, and is not difficult to clean.
  • Two-inch polyurethane foam protected boards have a warm opposition of R-worth of 13 or more noteworthy, which surpasses the R-esteem of a cabinet with four-inch thick fiberglass development. They moreover make the cabinet more unbending and impervious to harm and give expanded sound damping.
  • AMCA ensured and marked AAON low spillage economizer dampers meet the California Title 24 damper air spillage necessity. Stuff-driven economizer kills the abundance play also, tie that happens with linkage type economizers.
  • Cost Saving Serviceability

  • Direct drive in reverse bent plenum fans is energy effective with no belt losses and no belt upkeep.
  • Similar usefulness highlights accessibility on all AAON gear, including lockable help access entryways, shading coded wiring a lot graph, and marked electrical and refrigeration parts.
  • Staged parchment compressors give unit limit control
  • Single-stage limit control for a solitary blower unit.
  • Two-phase limit control for a double blower unit.
  • Four phase limit control for a four-compressor unit.
  • Functional and Energy Saving

  • Variable speed condenser fans decrease energy use during decreased limit or encompassing conditions, resulting in reduced emanated sound.
  • Staged compressors permit the utilization of standard warm development valves.
  • Four phases of warming control to coordinate with the application necessities.
  • AAON high effectiveness organized parchment blower frameworks don't require a costly confounded control system.
  • AAON Touchscreen Controller is fit for controlling the elements and choices of the request for employment.